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About Us

In Denmark, Diana and Martin were among the first to put tantra on the map, including a much viewed appearance on National Television where they showed a beautiful and touching tantra massage in 2009. The woman who received the massage had profound insights and emotional release, which resonated with a lot of women. They received an outpour of e-mails from across the country – both women and men wanted more information and knowledge about the tantric universe. Since then, they have often appeared in the media. See more.

Practical information, account number, address

Copenhagen Heart Awakening Institute C.H.A.I. by Diana Diakova

Købmagergade 26 E, 3rd floor

1150 Copenhagen K


CVR: 29699011

Mail: tantra@tantrazone.dk

Phone: Diana Diakova: 26274467, Martin Heese: 26801046

NB! Due to renovations in the courtyard by Købmagergade 26, we’ve got new a new entrance: Through the gate in Silkegade 3 – facing the descent to Illums parking garage.

Bank Details

Sydbank: Reg .: 6818 Account 0001009348

IBAN: DK7368180001009348 – BIC / SWIFT: SYBKDK22

MobilePay: 26274467

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About Tantra

Tantra has its roots in oriental traditions, where the body and soul are connected and it has many forms in the Western world today; some focus purely on pleasure and rekindling the senses, others to unite body and soul. Tantra is increasingly used as therapy to overcome both cultural and personal blockages that can fester in the body.

At TantraZone we have taken the elements of tantra to heart, which are about releasing ‘the Goal’ and instead be in ‘the Process’. We  believe that tantra is about finding the balance between the masculine and feminine, both in ourselves and in our intimate relationships.

At TantraZone, tantra is a place of security and presence, free of shame and guilt, free of right and wrong, a place where we are true to our heart, and we are always listening to our impulses and believe in the body’s intelligence.

In other contexts we gain much by having set targets, but when it is about listening to the body’s intelligence, the result will be greater when we practice just b e i n g in the moment, to be with what is and to rid ourselves of expectations and notions of right and wrong. It increases our ability to be attentive, sensitive, creative, confident and spontaneous in our intimate relationships.

Diana Profil ZQ0O2046-2Diana Diakova

Tantra is my passion and my heart’s journey – a journey I wish had begun earlier. Tantra has taught me to say “Yes!” to all of life’s gifts and challenges – and to the enjoyment and pain, to my light and my darkness. Yes! to all of me, the masculine and the feminine. Yes! to the moment. My experience is that it is rather the tantric road that has chosen me than vice versa. It dawned on me that all my experiences and challenges have enabled me to walk this path. Simply because I have learned to listen to my heart and have come closer to my essence. I practice living from the heart every day. Here you can see a selection of my degrees and certifications:

  • International Tantra Teacher Training ( Margo Anand – Sky dancing Tantra)
  • Sexological Bodywork ( Joseph Kramer, PhD. – certified by the State of Californien)
  • Sacred Sexual Practitioner & Educator (Deborah Taj Anapol, Crystal Dawn Morris, Matt Sinbad)
  • Urban Tantra Professional Training (Barbara Carrellas)
  • Visionary Coach and Creator (Soleira & Santari Green)
  • Life & Business og Stress coach  (Antony Robbins samt Sofia Manning Inspire)
  • NLP Practitioner (ITA)
  • Certified Lifestyle Terapeut (Den danske skole for komplementær terapi)
  • Tantra massage Terapeut (European Academy of Somatic Education, Prag)
  • Heart Tantra (Living Heart træning and Heart Tantra by Talasi Ørting)
  • Sexologist ( Joan Ørting Insituttet)
  • Shamanic De-armoring (Åsa Kullberg)
  • Skyggeside Seminaret (Debbie Ford)
  • Continuum Movement (Emilie Conrad)
  • Healing massage (Kilden)
  • Reiki healing

Diana gives the following treatments: Yoni (Vaginal) Mapping and Pelvic ReleaseSexologist SessionsLearn to give tantra massageCouples’ Sessions & Therapy. Naturally, she teaches at the Tantra Bodyworker Certification.

imageMartin Heese

I was born in Germany in 1977 and has lived in Denmark since 1992. As a person, I am curious and love to explore the body’s resources through tantra, dance, movement and body therapy. I am inspired by yoga and find peace and contemplation in various forms of meditation. I have been interested in the connection between body and mind and human relations for many years, and have attended numerous courses and workshops in the field of personal development. In my work as a sexologist, I focus on the following topics: tantra, love, intimate relationships, body image, communication, personal development, sexuality and spirituality.

Here you can see a selection of my education and certifications:

  • Sexological Bodywork (Joseph Kramer, PhD.)
  • Sacred Sexual Practitioner & Educator (Deborah Taj Anapol, Crystal Dawn Morris, Matt Sinbad)
  • Urban Tantra Professional Training (Barbara Carrellas)
  • Visionary Coach and Creator (Soleira & Santari Green)
  • Tantra massage terapist (European Academy of Somatic Education, Prag)

Martin gives the following treatments:  Tantra treatment and body therapyTantra massage & wellnessYoni (Vaginal) Mapping and Pelvic ReleaseSexologist SessionsLearn to give tantramassageCouples’ Sessions & Therapy. Naturally, he also teaches at the Tantra Bodyworker Certification.

10959650_10152589826091640_3525063111998140489_nMayanoa Schneider

I was certified tantric bodyworker from CHAI in the summer of 2015 and work with underlying processes related to violence, sadness, fear, shame and sexual liberation. I have many years of experience with 12-step programs and many of my core values are grounded in these principles. I am also an assistant at the certified tantric bodyworker training in CHAI. I am also vegan and a spiritual believer inspired by Buddhism and Martinus’ cosmology. For several years I have worked as a volunteer in a support center against incest.

Mayanoa offers tantra treatment and body therapy and tantra massage & wellness. She is also a valued assistant at the Tantra Bodyworker Certification.

1Malwina Tark

I am 30 years old and have Polish roots. I have worked with self-development for many years, through tantra, shamanism, psychotherapy, family constellation, meditation and the appreciative method of positive psychology. I was certified tantra bodyworker at CHAI in July 2015 and have further complemented this  with tantra training from Heart Tantra in Poland. I have further participated in international workshops and courses in Denmark, Poland, Sweden, England and Lithuania.

Malwina offers tantra treatment and body therapy and tantra massage & wellness.

bebe40c8-ee7e-4f11-a93d-979fd161512cEvelyn Meyer

I graduated from the first class of CHAI tantra bodyworkers in 2012 and was previously trained in healing massage, sound healing and as a conversation therapist. I have been in women’s circles the last 15 years and the last five years I have been an assistant in  Diana’s women’s group Yoniversal Wisdom in CHAI.

I’m 55 years old and am experiencing an inner flowering that has been fertilized by the pace of life through light and darkness, and which is now iblooming, as I condemn myself less and accept the woman I am. My specialty as a tantra bodyworker are menopausal women, an area about which I’m passionate preoccupied – all the female universe is a big part of my life. I contribute with my love, my heart, my presence and my concern for you – you who do not need to be fixed, cultivated or suppressed. I see it as my primary task to lead you to where you can take ownership of your body.

Yoni healing treatments with me can include ancient sounds from my own voice, a singing bowl or other supportive noises. You may be invited to use your own voice, if it feels right for you. Sound is a vibration which may be healing at the cellular level and can lead you on an inner journey. Thus, please be prepared that some of my treatments requires an openness on your part towards sound, which of course will be adapted to your sensitivity.

Evelyne offers Yoni healing.


Preben is our bookkeeper and all-round-back-end-guy. He is the glue that holds everything together.

If you have questions regarding renting CHAI or concerning your bill, you need to get a hold of Preben.





Sophie is our communication ninja and the woman, who think up ideas how to get CHAI out into the world.

If you have ideas, feedback or input about anything related to our work, please get in touch with Sophie.



CHAI – Conscious Heart Awakening International

Århus, Denmark

10313338_10205376012615543_4417470577394867162_nCHAI collaborates with Kelvin Varst, owner of TantraCenteret in Århus. They offer Melting Monday too. CHAI’s Diana og Martin regularly visits Århus to facilitate workshops and events.

Go visit their website: www.tantracenteret.dk

Find them at Vestergade 43, 8000 Århus C, Denmark


Sofia, Bulgarien

1497749_989676951049813_4057376984840057099_nCHAI’s afilliate in Sofia, Bulgarien is managed by Valentina Daneva.

Here we host workshops about tantra, breath work therapy with international teachers along with Melting Monday.

Follow CHAI BULGARIA on Facebook.


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