Certified Tantra Bodyworker

We are proud to present our fifth team tantra practitioners from CHAI. In this internationally recognized training program you learn both receiving and giving tantra treatments - in a safe environment.

The program provides good opportunities to work professionally as a certified tantra bodyworker, but of course it is also possible to take the program as part of personal development and for personal use.

You will learn about body therapy and healing that comes from somatic sexology, breathing therapy, bioenergy, and body massage from various tantric and shamanistic traditions.

For us, ethics and integrity is very important (read our Code of Conduct here) especially in connection with treatments that include touching intimate body parts.

The program extends over 14 modules spread over 11 weekends and one intensive training week, equivalent to 3 modules. The program concludes with an examination and certification.

Course content

The program focuses on self-healing and self-development - here you will learn include about healthy boundaries and communication, and provides space for contemplation in your own process. In addition, the focus is on learning to work professionally as certified tantra bodyworker, as well as the opportunity to go deeper in your individual journey with tantra.

The following topics are covered:
You learn about the body intelligence and the body's wisdom.
You become more conscious of energy, and are taught self-regulation.
You learn about the masculine and feminine principles.

Further, we cover:

  • Ethical Principles
  • Tantric rituals
  • Communication
  • Sensual-holistic-massage
  • Classic tantra massage
  • Tantric healing massage
  • Dynamic tantra massage therapy
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Tantric sexuality
  • Sexual anatomy and physiology

The process further comprise:
-student treatments
-training nights in study groups

The final exam and certification takes place over a full weekend.

Dates for TBU 6

Module 1: 3rd-5th February 2017
Module 2: 24th-26th February 2017
Module 3: 7th-9th april 2017
Module 4: 28-30th april 2017
Module 5: 26th-28th May 2017
Module 6: 23rd-25th June 2017
Module 7-9: 23rd-29th July 2017 Intensive week
Module 10: 25th-27th august 2017
Module 11: 29th September to 1st October 2017
Module 12: 3rd-5th November 2017
Module 13: 5th-7th January 2018
Module 14: 30th March to 1st April 2018 Exams




Diana Diakova & Martin Heese

With over 10,000 hours of treatment and teaching experience Diana Diakova and Martin Heese are some of the most experienced body therapists and sexologists in Denmark. Together they founded Copenhagen Heart Awakening Institute (C.H.A.I) - one of the oldest and most reputable tantra institutions in Denmark.

They specialize in body and heart-awareness, working with boundaries, authentic relationships and somatic sexology. They are internationally recognized and teacher in tantra both in Denmark and abroad, such as Rasayana Academy - the world's first tantra university program, Joan Ørting' Sexologist school and Sexsibility coaching in Sweden. Together they organize and participate in international conferences on consciousness and sexuality.

They are known to have a strong focus on quality, empathy and ethics, which creates the unique comfort zone for all who receive treatments, learning and develop experience with tantric work in the auspice of CHAI.

Fernando Manrique-Fioridez

Fernando is a doctor specializing in psychiatry with master studies in "Applied Ethics and Public Health". In addition, he is certified tantra bodyworker from the Skydancing Institute in France and meditation teacher (UTA Institute, Germany). He is passionate about mystical and spiritual traditions (LomiLomi, RomiRomi, Shamanism, Tantra Vajrajana).



Sign up

We invite you to a personal information meeting if you suspect this training might be for you. Please contact us at tantra@tantrazone.dk or via phone +45 26274467. An initial interview is required to be accepted at the certified tantra bodyworker training.



Normal price: 38.000 DKK (5000 DKK deposit upon sign-up)

Payment in installations: 40.000 DKK

(Early bird prices are announced on Facebook and in our newsletter.)