For Couples

Tantra for Couples

Here you can find an overview of all our offers especially for couples.

Tantra massage therapy and body therapy for couples

Tantra massage for couples: Three hours sans country where you and your partner (or girlfriend) lie on either heated bench. We take as always based on your wishes and needs and tailor your experience based on who you are as a couple, and respect for your boundaries. Read more.

Tantra Massage and Wellness for Couples

Tantra massage for Couples: The massage combines the presence of tantra case, classic sports massage techniques, Hawaiian lomi-lomi massage, Japanese Shiatsu and Thai massage. Read more.
Tantra Massage de Luxe for Couples: Ultimate pampering: warm hands, champagne, exotic fruit and melted chocolate in perfect harmony over four hours. Read more.

Sexologist Sessions

Tailored session as an alternative to therapy. Read more.

Learn how to give Tantra Massage

You will learn our best tricks in order for the giver to experience relaxation and pleasure and at the same time get charged with energy. 3 levels. Read more.

Couple’s Counseling and Therapy

We design each course to fit exactly to your limits and needs. A course of therapy will typically entail practical tantra, touch techniques couple’s concealing, communication tools, therapy, training in tantric principles and philosophy etc. Read more.

Tantra Courses and Tantra Workshops

Tantra Thursday for Couples – Melting for Lovers: Melting for Lovers is an opportunity to spend an evening on an adventurous and safe playground where together you can explore the Tantric universe of sensual presence and experience the joy of conscious touch. Read more.