For Men


Tantra for Men

Here you can find an overview of all our offerings especially for men, as well as shortcuts.

Tantra Massage Therapy and Body Therapy for Men

Tantra Massage Treatment: Through conversation, tantric rituals and conscious touch we restore a relaxed and natural relationship to the body, sexuality and intimacy. Read more.

Tantra Massage and Wellness for Men

Tantra Massage – the Big Draw: Experience tantric sense ritual with intimate massage, which activates your life energy and relaxes your mind. Read more.

Oxytocin Wellness Tantra Massage: The cot is warm, the light is soft and you are greeted with warm oils; touched with long, smooth strokes; soft music and lots of loving, caring touch. Read more.

Sexologist Session

Tailored sessions as an alternative to both psychotherapy and body therapy. Read more.

Tantra Courses and Tantra Workshops for Men

Shiva’s Club – Men’s Circle: Together we explore and expand our personal masculine resources, standing in our male power and facing the challenges with women and other relationships. Also we will deepen our creative skills two be confident, passionate and expressive in sex, love and life. Read more.