For Women

Tantra for women

On this page we have gathered an overview of all our offerings especially for women with shortcuts – click on the treatment you want to read more about.

Tantra Massage Treatment and Tantra Bodywork for Women

Tantra Massage Therapy: This treatment has a therapeutic aim and is recommended for women with challenges in your intimate relationships; lack of libido or orgasm, tension or pain in the abdomen; sexual trauma, assault, etc. Read more.

Oxytocin wellness massage: Also called a “love therapy” – a treatment of the most nutritious kind. Lots of loving, caring touch. Read more.

Sensitivity and Boundary training: With sensitivity and boundary training you will be able to really FEEL yourself: What do you need? What do you want? Where are your natural limits? What does your body  want? What does your head want? How can you communicate what you want in a good way? A session will typically be based on conversation, body exercises, body treatments and therapy. Read more.

Tantra Massage and Wellness for women

Classical tantra massage: We always start with a conversation about your wishes and needs. During the massage, we use both cold and warm oils and a combination of long, gentle strokes and intense pressure to help you reach the state in which you are deeply relaxed without being bored. Yoni massage is an option. Read more.

Tantra Goddess Massage: A deeply relaxing, sensual and rewarding massage of the entire body, which boosts the sensual energy, activates  “sleeping” erogenous zones and loosens up the tension throughout the body. Read more.

Cuddling: Is non-sexual physical contact partly or wholly without accompaniment of conversation. Your Cuddler guides you and sets the framework, but your desires to be touched are the guiding factor. Read more.

Dynamic Tantra Massage: A form of massage that takes place almost like a dance – your body talk to your therapist and he/she answers. You learn to listen to and rely on the body’s wisdom and impulses and to be more natural and authentic by expressing yourself through your body. Read more.

Yoni (Vaginal) Mapping and Pelvic Release

Yoni Therapy: Vaginal therapy is a healing and safe treatment. Through dialogue, acupressure and light massage techniques, this yoni therapy can help you learn more about your yoni and expand your potential for pleasure and emotions, release tension and experience new sensations in numb areas. Read more.

Yoni Mapping: A way to get to know your yoni better, thus expanding your consumption and the emotional potential. Read more.

De-Amoring: Acupressure, pressure and massage the outside and inside of Yoni. Read more.

Yoni Healing: A healing treatment with great caution and respect for your limits will heal you and your yoni. Read more.

Pelvis and abdomen and massage: We focus on the area around the body’s center: the pelvis, abdomen, buttocks, hips, groin and genitals. Read more.

Sexologist Session

Tailored sexologist sessions as an alternative to both psychotherapy and body therapy. Read more.

Tantra Courses and Tantra Workshops

Yoniversal Wisdom – Women’s Circle: With respect for the individual limits, we explore how we connect our sexuality with our hearts and get from the head down into the body. Through physical exercises, breathing exercises, dynamic meditations and shadings we explore  what the body says, where the healthy boundaries are and the strength to take responsibility for our own lives. Read more.