Tantra massage and wellness for men


Tantramassage and Wellness for Men

All treatments for men are offered by Mayanoa and Malwina.

Tantra Massage
 for Men – the Big Draw

Experience a tantric ritual for your senses with intimate massage, which will activate your life energy and relax your mind. This massage will include the Tao Tantric technique “The Big Draw”, which you will be trained in – a very intense experience, where the inner energy flows through your entire body. You will learn to withhold your ejactulation for your own health and creativity, while you experience a whole body orgasm without the loss of energy.

3 hours with 1 bodyworker: DKK 2.800

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Oxytocin Wellness Massage for Men

An extremely nourishing massage or bodywork session. The massage table is warm, the light is soft and you are met with warmth, scented oils, long gentle strokes, soft music and lots of loving gentle touch. From the top of the head till the tip of the toes you will be touched, stroke, clapped, rubbed and your skin will be saturated with touch. When you get off the massage table your heart will feel soft and your body strong and light.

1 bodyworker, 2 hours; DKK 1.800 Book with a female bodyworker

Classical Tantra Massage for Men

This “classical” tantra massage begins with an intake conversation about your wishes and needs, followed by a beautiful brief ritual, which prepares you for the actual bodywork. During the session we use both cold and warm  oils and a combination of long gentle strokes and pressure techniques in order to reach deep relaxation, giving completely into pleasure without getting bored.

Genital massage as part of the tantric bodywork is non-sexual, even though it can be vitalizing and sensual. The intimate massage is optional and during session we make sure – according to our ethical guidelines – that your boundaries are fully respected at all times.

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