Tantra treatment and body therapy for women

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Tantra massage terapi til kvinder

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Tantra Massage Therapy

Det er denne massage, som blev vist på DR Tema Lørdag,  og er klart en af de mest populære behandlinger, vi har til kvinder. Tantra massage terapi er et godt sted at starte for dig, som kommer for første gang hos os. Denne behandling har et terapeutisk sigte og anbefales bl.a. til dig med udfordringer i dine intime relationer; manglende sexlyst; manglende orgasme, spændinger eller smerter i underlivet; seksuelle traumer, overgreb m.m. Vi indleder med en samtale og tilrettelægger behandlingen så den imødekommer din situation og ud fra dine behov.
En behandler: 3 timer, 2.200 Kr.
Bestil tid


Vaginal (Yoni) Therapy

Vaginal (yoni) therapy is a healing and safe treatment. Through dialogue, acupressure and light massage techniques, this yoni therapy can help you learn more about your yoni and expand your potential for pleasure and emotions, release tension and experience new sensations in numb areas. 

In order for the healing to take place, together we create a calm, safe and caring space and initiate the session with an initial conversation. Each bodywork session is unique, created to meet your particular needs. The bodyworker will invite to dialogue, in order for you to express what you experience during any activity.

The method has been created by Diana, based on many years of experience in tantric bodywork and “Sexological Bodywork”.

2 hours, 1700 DKK.


images-2Yoni Mapping

Yoni (vaginal) mapping is a safe treatment, where we map your yoni. Yoni mapping is a way to get to know your yoni even better and expand your emotional potential and potential for pleasure. It can consist of acupressure and relaxation, breath work, massage, etc. Yoni mapping has been described as a “fast therapeutic path” because many women experience a closer contact with their body signals, which again can allow gentle release of old traumas, while at the same time avoiding retraumatization.

2 hours; 1700 DKK.



Experiences that were frightening, painful and crossed our boundaries make us create an “armour” to protect ourselves. The body remembers – also what our mind might have forgotten. It can lock or freeze our patterns of fear, withdrawal and avoidance and often it causes a feeling of insufficiency –  both sexually and in other areas of life.

De-Armouring – to take off or release the armour – is acupressure, e.i. external and internal pressure techniques and massage of yoni.

There might be several unconscious or unknown traumas in the body, as a kind of muscle tensions, which means that you might experience some soreness during and after treatment (similar to the soreness you might experience after a traditional neck massage or workout).

A De-Armouring session can be a rather overwhelming emotional experience, due to release of old traumas and you might get in contact with negative emotional material that has been hidden/accumulated for many years. All feelings are welcome and will be gently embraced and cared for.

2 hours; 1700 DKK.


1555540Yoni Healing

For women, that are traumatized – either related to sex, pregnancy or birth etc. – Yoni Healing is a healing treatment, with great care and respect for your boundaries and can heal you and your yoni. As always, the treatment starts with an initial conversation, where the bodyworker chooses the most suitable methods and tools for you and your specific situation. We have obtained great results with this gentle caring treatment, which can be very healing and releasing.

2 hours; 1700 DKK.


Massage of Pelvis and Abdomen

This treatment is especially suitable for problems with suppressed pent-up emotions like anger or sorrow, or challenges caused by tension in the abdomen, digestion etc. We focus on the area of the body’s core. Pelvis, abdomen, buttocks, hips, groins and genitals. The area that holds the entire body together. Massaging the stomach area stimulates organs, intestines and digestive area and can soothe back pain.

Acupressure, relaxation, breath work, massage etc. might be part of the session. You might feel very vulnerable while being treated in these areas of the body, which is why we always advance gently and slowly while checking with you along the way if you are feeling okay. We have seen great results with this type of gentle body work, which can be extremely healing and releasing.

2 hours; 1700 DKK


Oxytocin Wellness Massage

An extremely nourishing massage or bodywork session. The massage table is warm, the light is soft and you are met with warmth, quality oils, long gentle strokes, soft music and lots of loving gentle touch. From the top of the head till the tip of the toes you will be touched, stroke, clapped, rubbed and your skin will be saturated with touch. When you get off the massage table your heart will feel soft and your body strong and light.

1 bodyworker, 2 hours; 1700 DKK


grænserSensitivity- and Boundary Training

Do you experience difficulty in ‘feeling yourself’ and moving “from your head to your body”? Some people have difficulties surrendering to pleasure, while others cannot feel or communicate boundaries. As a result of this ends, they may end up overstepping their boundaries. Others experience imbalances and become hyper-sensitive or completely numb. In both cases it may result in problems regarding sexual desire and orgasms, pain or psychological trauma resulting in sexual challenges. Sensitivity and boundary training will help you feel yourself. What do you want? What do you desire? Where are you natural boundaries? What does your body communicate? What does your mind communicate? How can you communicate this in a suitable manner?

When your NO becomes clear, your YES becomes authentic. You become yourself.

Sensitivity and boundary training has been developed by Martin Heese – his signature treatment – and come recommended as a series of several sessions, especially if your boundaries have been crossed, but can also be a single session. Our point of departure is your particular situation and a session will typically consist of conversation, physical body work and treatment and therapy.

First of all, we work in a safe atmosphere based on trust. Afterwards, we distinguish between expanding boundaries and crossing boundaries. To expand your boundaries can be positive and initiate your development. To cross your boundaries is considered negative, since you cannot be present in your body and mind. A developed awareness of your boundaries can be an important base of different activities and is an important tool for a tantric bodywork session. 

Single session (3 hours): 2200 DKK 

Sensitivity and boundary training (3 sessions of 3 hours each): 6600 DKK.


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