Yoni (Vaginal) Mapping and Pelvic Release

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Yoni (Vaginal) Mapping and Pelvic Release

Lots of women have had more or less traumatic or offensive experiences in connection to sex. Others might never have recovered after a problematic pregnancy or delivery. Numb or overly sensitive areas can appear in the body and yoni, which may influence your feelings of self-worth, confidence, sexual desires and can generally be inhibiting. Tension in the pelvis (vulvodynia) and involuntary contractions in the yoni (vaginism) are painful conditions which affect the general quality of life.

All yoni-treatments take place in a calm, safe and caring space, beginning with a conversation. Every treatment is unique and take point of departure in your specific situation. You express your experiences as we go along, and the whole process always takes place as part of a dialogue.

Yoni Therapy

Vaginal (yoni) therapy is a healing and safe treatment. Through dialogue, acupressure and light massage techniques, this yoni therapy can help you learn more about your yoni and expand your potential for pleasure and emotions, release tension and experience new sensations in numb areas.

In order for the healing to take place, together we create a calm, safe and caring space and initiate the session with an initial conversation. Each bodywork session is unique, created to meet your particular needs. The bodyworker will invite to dialogue, in order for you to express what you experience during any activity.

The method has been created by Diana, based on many years of experience in tantric bodywork and “Sexological Bodywork”.

2 hours, DKK 1.800 Book a session with Diana  Book a session with Martin

Yoni Mapping

Yoni (vaginal) mapping is a safe treatment, where we map your yoni. Yoni mapping is a way to get to know your yoni even better and expand your emotional potential and potential for pleasure. It can consist of acupressure and relaxation, breath work, massage, etc. Yoni mapping has been described as a “fast therapeutic path” because many women experience a closer contact with their body signals, which again can allow gentle release of old traumas, while at the same time avoiding retraumatization.

2 hours; DKK 1.800 Book a session with Diana  Book a session with Martin  Book a session with a female bodyworker


Experiences that were frightening, painful and crossed our boundaries make us create an “armour” to protect ourselves. The body remembers – also what our mind might have forgotten. It can lock or freeze our patterns of fear, withdrawal and avoidance and often it causes a feeling of insufficiency –  both sexually and in other areas of life.

De-Armouring – to take off or release the armour – is acupressure, e.i. external and internal pressure techniques and massage of yoni.

There might be several unconscious or unknown traumas in the body, as a kind of muscle tensions, which means that you might experience some soreness during and after treatment (similar to the soreness you might experience after a traditional neck massage or workout).

A De-Armouring session can be a rather overwhelming emotional experience, due to release of old traumas and you might get in contact with negative emotional material that has been hidden/accumulated for many years. All feelings are welcome and will be gently embraced and cared for.

2 hours; DKK 1.800  Book a session with Diana  Book a session with Martin

1555540Yoni Healing

For women, that are traumatized – either related to sex, pregnancy or birth etc. – Yoni Healing is a healing treatment, with great care and respect for your boundaries and can heal you and your yoni. As always, the treatment starts with an initial conversation, where the bodyworker chooses the most suitable methods and tools for you and your specific situation. We have obtained great results with this gentle caring treatment, which can be very healing and releasing.

2 hours; 1.800 DKK.  Booke a session with Martin  Book a session with a female bodyworker

Massage of Pelvis and Abdomen

This treatment is especially suitable for problems with suppressed pent-up emotions like anger or sorrow, or challenges caused by tension in the abdomen, digestion etc. We focus on the area of the body’s core. Pelvis, abdomen, buttocks, hips, groins and genitals. The area that holds the entire body together. Massaging the stomach area stimulates organs, intestines and digestive area and can soothe back pain.

Acupressure, relaxation, breath work, massage etc. might be part of the session. You might feel very vulnerable while being treated in these areas of the body, which is why we always advance gently and slowly while checking with you along the way if you are feeling okay. We have seen great results with this type of gentle body work, which can be extremely healing and releasing.

2 hours; DKK 1.800  Book a session with Diana  Book a session with Martin

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