About C-H-A-I

About Copenhagen Heart Awakening Insitute (CHAI)

TantraZone is hosted by Copenhagen Heart Awakening Insitute – CHAI.

In CHAI, we focus on heart-consciousness, tantra, love and quality in relationships. We have expertise in all matters relating to relationships and awareness between men and women. With inspiration from both East and West, we create an unique learning environment that brings people closer together – and closer to themselves.

CHAI, located in the heart of Copenhagen, is a playground for adult women and men. Here, a dance unfolds between the sexes in a safe and beautiful setting. We awaken the senses and coach body conciousness and emotional intelligence. Our work is inspired by the tantric philosophy that integrates consciousness, love and sexuality, which is the root of our creative power.

CHAI was founded by Diana Diakova and Martin Heese in 2010. They are internationally recognized tantra teachers and participate in international conferences on conscious sexuality and tantra. The intitute’s permanent staff consists of experienced workshop leaders, tantra bodyworkers and sexologists, who meet you right where you are – individually or in group processes. Often we invite international lecturers, who enrich us with their knowledge and experience.

Welcome to the enjoyment and peace of being connected to yourself, your heart, other people, and the earth deep beneath your feet.

Welcome to CHAI!

You can find CHAI’s own website here.