Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

At TantraZone ethics are paramount to everything we do as professional bodyworkers and therapists, and our focus is always on healthy boundaries. We are founding members of ”Brancheforeningen for Tantrabehandlere og –massørere” – the Danish Association of Tantra Bodyworkers and Massage Therapists.

Unfortunately, there are many prejudices about tantra, so we want to emphasize that sexual acts are NOT conducted at TantraZone/CHAI, NOR do we solicit sexual services of any kind. In some exercises nudity may appear, but always according to the individual’s level of comfort and personal boundries.

All therapists at TantraZone are certified and follow our Code of Conduct:

# 1. The tantra bodyworker is sworn to secrecy under the Danish Criminal Code Section 152.

Information about the client and the process may only be passed on to others with the client’s written consent.

# 2. The tantra bodyworker remain clothed at all times during contact with the client.

A treatment is never conducted by a TantraZone/CHAI bodyworker in the nude. This means that the therapist is always at least wearing underpants.

# 3. All contact is one-way.

If the client wants to learn how to give erotic touch or massage, we, refer to sessions where the client bring a partner. Massage or touch is never given with the genitals or orally.

# 4. The tantra bodyworker always respect the client’s boundries.

The tantra bodyworker ask for permission to touch, and stop touching when the client requests. The tantra bodyworker will never engage into a sexual and/or romantic relationship with a client neither during a treatment, nor for at least 12 months after treatment. If there are romantic feelings displayed from the side of the client, the treatment is interrupted immediately.

# 5. The tantra bodyworker/teachers/students are aware of the power they have in the capacity of bodyworkers and practitioners and will not use that power to the exploitation of clients.

Persons under 18 are not offered treatments which include the genital area and can only receive treatment in the form of conversation, coaching and regular massage. No treatments are given to people affected by alcohol or drugs.


Cuddling ethical principles

To ensure the most comfortable and optimal experience for both guest and cuddler, we have defined a set of ethical principles. We ask our guests to give written consent upon arrival to a cuddling session.

# 1 We allow no sexual contact between a guest and Cuddler.

By sexual contact we mean:

  • Intentional sexual touching of genitalia and breasts with either hands or other body parts
  • Kisses on the mouth, throat and face
  • Hip movements where the genitals are pushed against the cuddler
  • Little kisses
  • Suggesting sexual activities

# 2 We only allow professional communication between guest and cuddler.

This means that the guest and cuddler must not communicate via text messages (sms), but only through the official mail system (

# 3 We are fully clothed throughout the cuddling session.

If one of the parties need to change clothes, this takes place in the changing room and out of sight of the cuddler or guest.

# 4 We are awake with all our senses during a cuddling session.

The cuddler is responsible for ensuring that the client is not affected by drugs or alcohol. The cuddler is entitled to postpone a cuddling session if the cuddler estimates that the guest is not able to complete the session.

# 5 The cuddler have the right to disrupt the session if he or she experiences the guest does not follow these principles.

# 6 In case a cuddler distupts a session, we do this by calmly leaving the room.

# 7 In cases, where the client has failed to follow the Code of Conduct, a full fee will be charged, and no refund will be given.

Guests who do not follow the Code of Conduct will be blacklisted in our booking system. In the event of a direct sexual assault, we will contact the police.