Tantra Workshops

We give weekly workshops on tantra, love, relationships, body image, communication, personal development, sexuality and spiritual development – often facilitated by international guest teachers. Our workshops are hosted in our center CHAI – Copenhagen Heart Awakening Institute, in the heart of Copenhagen.

Melting Monday

Melting Monday is a workshop designed to support you in becoming more present, to become more confident in yourself and authentic in your relationships, in your friendships and dating.

We guide you to explore the magic and wisdom of tantra, which may be significant and valuable in your daily life and your lovelife. Themes covered include:

  • Knowing your limits and how to set them
  • Non-verbal communication and play
  • Body-heart wisdom
  • To enhance the senses and open your heart
  • Building healthy and conscious relationships
  • Respect and attention in intimacy and sensuality

Melting Monday is an evening of enjoyment and relaxation and an opportunity to examine what your heart really longs for and to observe your body’s reactions. You get to enjoy melted chocolate drizzled over fruits and make new friends. You can expect hot chai and a hug, eye contact, heart contact and body contact. We will laugh, explore, express, meditating, making connections, understand, dance, touch – receive, share and give.

Each participant is an important part of this journey and the individual’s boundries are fully respected. We always keeps our clothes on!

Remember, this is not a dating service!

Our space is limited, so there is also a limited number of participants.

Price: 180 DKK per. evening – incl. chai, fruit, chocolate

120 DKK per. evening, if you buy a 5-trip ticket vouchers (600 Kr. for 5 times)

Time: Doors open from 18:30

Introduction meeting for new participants at 18:45

The workshop starts at 19:15 and ends at 22:15


Tantra Thursday for Couples – Melting for Lovers

– Longing for a more vibrant and “juicy” life with each other?

– Want to explore your sensuality and sensuousness in a safe environment?

– Ache to nurture and heal your relationship and relax together?

One Thursday every month there will be a completely unique opportunity for you to meet each other as a couple of the heart and melt in love. Melting for Lovers is an opportunity to spend an evening in an adventurous and safe playground where you can explore the tantric universe of sensual presence and experience the joy of conscious touch. We will guide you through polarity exercises, energy exercises, breathing exercises, awareness exercises, meditation and relaxation, eye contact and give you communication tools that support you.

Tantra Thursday for Couples – Melting for Lovers is designed for you who want to bring your relationship to new heights and depths, and to strengthen and expand your relationship. It is an invitation to remember love ineveryday life and choose it again and again.

It is an event which will allow you to play and experience the joy and satisfaction of being together in the present. To grow in love by becoming children again. The evening finishes with a joint sharing session.

All exercises are done with your partner, and part of the evening is spent in your private “nest”. No nudity! The workshop takes place in a safe and respectful space with clear boundaries and open communication.

Limited number of participants (max 8 pairs) guarantees optimal Melting for Lovers

Price: 300.00 DKK per person

When purchasing vouchers of 5 times: 2 000.00 per couple = (400.00 DKK per couple per time)

Time: 19:00 -22: 00 on select Thursdays


Body Temple – Mindful Cuddling

Body Temple – Mindful Cuddling is an evening of nourishment for your body and soul, which directs your attention to your true limits and longings. In a calm and safe atmosphere, we make simple exercises through which we practice finding our own inner flow and to listen to our body’s wisdom.

We give and receive conscious contact with attention to what we need and make it easy to say yes or no or ask for more or less. Uncomplicated, like a dance, you stand strong in yourself in your own process. We set a clear framework that provide security, spaciousness, tranquility and where you meet with care and acceptance. It’s about YOU. Your limits. Your needs. Your longings. Your security. It is just as it should be.

The workshop is for both men and women.

Touching, caressing, hugs, warmth, intimacy and confidentiality also stimulates the release of the hormone oxytocin.

Additional benefits of Oxytocin:

“Positive emotions such as gratitude and love changes the heart’s fundamental rhythm and a coherent heart rhythm stimulates the body’s organs and improves self-healing. Oxytocin stimulates love, generosity, empathy, trust, generosity, tolerance, gratitude, the ability to remember and to focus, providing peak performance. The immune system is strengthened, and you feel calm, well-being, joy and warmth. Oxytocin makes you feel loved, and it enhances your ability to love yourself and others. “- Gitte Holst Larsen, researcher

Price: 150 DKK per. per person

Time: 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

The workshop is for both men and women.


CHAI Tantra Lab

We now offer a new and more advanced tantric course, a committed course that runs for a season at a time, ie 3 weekends and four evening meetings.

We invite primarily those, who have already attended a weekend course with us, so you must have tanta experience CHAI; be familiar with our approach and Code of Conduct. The advantage of taking part in a closed, committed group include a safe learning and development environment, where we support each other and have time to let wheat we have learned manifest.


The next class starts in the fall of 2016. Registration is done with a short application to where you write a little about your experience with tantra and your motivation to participate ( ie. what do you want to get out of the course?).

Stay tuned for news about our next course via our newsletter or join us on Facebook.

Price for the whole course is 6.800 DKK.

(You can also pay in 3 installments of 2,400 DKK)


Weekend: Friday 19:00 to 22:00

Saturday 10:00 to 18:00

Sunday 10:00 to 17:00

Wednesday Meetings:18.30-22.30


Yoniversal Wisdom – Women’s Circle

The Women’s Circle Yoniversal Wisdom takes place in dedicated groups, which are closed and comitted groups which only twice a year open up to new members. (We open for new members again in autumn 2016. Send us an email at if you want to go on the waiting list!)

Our experience shows that this setup provides a safe learning and development, where we support each other and have the time to translate what is learned to praksis.

With respect for the individual’s limits we explore how we as women connect sexuality and heart and go “from the head and down into the body.” Through physical exercises, breathing exercises, dynamic meditations and sharings, we curiously explore what the body says, where our natural and healthy boundaries go and the empowerment it is to take responsibility for our own lives.

Themes explored might include:

  • How do we as women connect our sexuality with our hearts?
  • What is our heart’s desire and how can we stay true to ourselves?
  • Where are our boundaries and how we learn to listen to our bodies?
  • How do we find the strength to take responsibility for our lives?

We explore these issues in a safe environment, with respect for individual development. The course will consist of physical exercises, breathing exercises, dynamic meditations and sharings. Nudity may occur in individual exercises – again with respect for the individual’s own boundaries. This programs isbased primarily on the tantric understanding of femininity and sexuality.

We meet six evenings (usually Wednesdays) and a weekend at the end of the course.

Shiva’s Club- Men’s Circle

This course is taught in English! Our world is always changing… Are we as men, (*Shivas) of a new era, ready for the actual challenges in life?  … in loving relationships? … in modern societies?

During a weekend workshop and three following evenings, using a tantric approach to life, the SHIVA´S CLUB offers you the chance to embody different aspects of your masculinity connecting your sex, heart and mind.

Together with other men we will explore and expand our personal masculine resources, standing in our male power and facing the challenges in regard to women and other relationships. Also we will deepen our creative skills to be confident, passionate and expressive in sex, love and life.

The SHIVA Club will be facilitated by Martin Heese and Fernando Manrique.

Martin Heese is an internationally recognised tantra teacher and sexologist, trained massage therapist and with a special focus on connecting spirituality with sexuality. He works from Copenhagen Heart Awakening Institute – CHAI, where he teaches Tantra Massage Therapists and facilitates workshops for men, women and couples.

Fernando Manrique studied medicine around the world. In Switzerland he became a psychiatrist/psychotherapist and completed studies in Applied Ethics and Public Health. Through his practices he became a Lomilomi practicioner (LHA, Hawaii) a meditations´ Facilitator (UTA Institute, DE) and a Tantra Teacher (Skydancing Institute, France). He keep practicing other mystical and spiritual traditions (Romiromi, Shamanism, Vajrajana Tantra) and facilitate Tantra & meditation workshops in Europe.

The SHIVA CLUB comprises a weekend seminar and three following nights as a package. We also offer two introductory nights which are free for everybody. The weekend seminar can be booked alone; also the following nights can be booked individually for those who participate at the seminar. However we encourage you to attend all of them!